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Confused by All the HR Chatbot/AI Talk? 10 Things You Need to Know.
So many systems... So much noise... so little time...

How do you decipher the noise of AI during the age of digital transformation? What is real and what is not? Where does the work truly live and do chatbots really make things easier for your employees and create awesome employee experience?

Socrates.ai wants to help you mute the noise and share with you what you really need to know about Ai/chatbot solutions.

Please join us on Thursday March 5th, 1pm EST, to learn about the 10 things to know when evaluating AI/chatbot solutions and what makes sense for your company to drive optimal employee experience.

We will talk about the differences between a chatbot tool-kit, vs a point solution bots vs an enterprise wide conversational AI platform and how pulling all of your content, systems and support together thru one single user interface to create a personal experience is what is most important. We will share valuable insights to best practices and enabling a workforce solution that supports every facet of the employee lifecycle from candidate to retiree and as part of this webinar Socrates.ai will provide a demonstration of our leading-edge conversational AI platform and discuss how we make things simple and easy for employees’, managers and your organization.

We look forward to your attendance!
The Socrates.ai Team


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