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The Future of Work | Crafting Simplicity with your AI Digital Assistant
Employees have questions – critical questions about policies, benefits and more – and the majority of information portals rarely deliver the answers they need in a timely fashion. With digital interactions serving as today’s primary communication method, organizations should look at these like digital conversations. These interactions should offer streamlined and easy to understand information like one would find if they were back chatting around the water cooler.

During “The Future of Work | Crafting Simplicity with Your AI Digital Assistant,” TJ Fjelseth, CHRO and Rhonda Orman, Director of Content Services for Socrates.ai, will join John Sumser, Principal Analyst of HRExaminer, to explore this new reality, including potential business hurdles and solutions. Fjelseth, Orman and Sumser will also discuss how artificial intelligence can bring simplicity into the workplace and support an employee-first experience through improved digital interactions.


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