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Socrates Sessions: Answer 85% of Employee’s Questions in Under 1 Second.
Every week, hundreds, if not thousands of your employees’ questions go unanswered even though answers exist in your documentation, portal(s) or share drive (i.e. SharePoint). Employees and Managers alike, are met with keyword searches that return way too many results and HR/Benefits jargon that the average employee doesn’t understand, only to create an HR support ticket, email their HRBP or worse yet, abandon.

All an employee really wants is an easy to understand, straight forward, immediate answer to their question, at the moment that matters to them most.

Please join Socrates AI, Thursday, May 16th, 2019 as we discuss how the use of our Digital Conversation Hub powered by Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology can provide your workforce easy to understand answers, OnDemand using your current eco-system of documents, portals, and share drives.


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